Child Protection Policy

· The safety and security of children is a priority.  We will act swiftly and decisively in any situation where we believe a child is at risk.
· When providing child care facilities in the course of meetings children under 3 will be kept with their parent(s), children aged 3-10 will be attended by two responsible adults at all times at least one of which will be a church member, and children over 10 will be attended by one responsible adult who will be a member of the Church.
· Members of the church eligible for children’s work are only those who are known well to the leaders of the church for over one year, of unquestionable character, have a demonstrable clear track record of working with children either professionally or in their family life.
· In any case where there is a doubt over whether a person is suitable for children’s work they will not be allowed to have contact with children.
· Child care facilities within the Church premises will be in rooms visible at all times to those in the common parts to which parents shall have free access.
· Children under the age of 15 shall only be allowed on Church trips away which involve an overnight stay if their parents are also attending and take responsibility for them.
· All children’s workers having responsibility for children under 15 shall be trained in child protection principles and practice and shall be CRB checked.
· Children and Youth workers dealing with any persons under 21 shall not be in contact with those persons for extended periods on a one to one basis, but only when another worker is also present and/or other young people are present.