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Life Supper - Saturday October 13th


Christ Church presents a series of evening suppers where somebody will tell their life story and how Jesus Christ has made a real difference in their lives.
There are ordinary people with ordinary lives, just like you, but who have had an extraordinary encounter with God that has left them permanently changed.

So why not come and join us for a meal and hear the evidence that Jesus is alive and changing lives today.


Join us on Saturday 13th October 7:00pm for a meal
and to hear outstanding musician Phil Overton - "Live" and in his element!

Phil has written, played and recorded songs since his teens. His lyrics observe issues like illusion, loneliness, loss and uncertainty while wondering at beauty, freedom, hope and uniqueness.
Phil is a deeply committed Christian who freely admits that his journey has sometimes been quite challenging. But he maintains that his relationship with God through the struggles has been the most important influence in maintaining his family life at times when it seemed that everything was falling apart. 
It is this facet of his life experience that comes through especially strongly in his music and ministry. 

Phil handles guitar, keys and vocals offering a range of musical style. Rhythmic material and ballads use both acoustic and amplified sounds - melody and harmony with some grit!
Come with others and encounter a fresh burst of joyful creativity with Phil’s exciting new band. There will be some reflective stops along the way on this musical journey.
Excellent food and drinks will be served. Don’t miss it!



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