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Life Supper - Saturday March 2nd 

Christ Church presents a series of evening suppers where somebody will tell their life story and how Jesus Christ has made a real difference in their lives.
There are ordinary people with ordinary lives, just like you, but who have had an extraordinary encounter with God that has left them permanently changed.

So why not come and join us for a meal and hear the evidence that Jesus is alive and changing lives today.


Join us on Saturday 2nd March 7:00pm for a meal
and to hear Peter Jordan tell his story

Peter Jordan was a Metropolitan Police Officer in the East End of London for 25 years and was a Diplomatic Protection Officer for five years protecting Diplomats, VIP’s and Members of Parliament including Margaret Thatcher. Peter was brought up in a Christian Family but went away from his faith when he joined the Police Force in 1982 - Peter tells the story of how he came back to faith ten years later and found hope in the midst of despair and how God then helped him to make a difference in both the Police and in the Church. God is the God of the second chance and more. Peter is the Senior Pastor of Sawyers Church in Brentwood and is married to Theresa and has two children - Tyler (12) and Kiara (9)

Excellent food and drinks will be served. Don’t miss it!

To register your free place follow the link here.



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