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Youth and Kids

Children of all ages are welcome at our Sunday services.

We provide a live sound and video link of the service in the foyer just outside of the main hall. If you want to take your children to this area there will be somebody there to look after you, make you a cup of tea or coffee, and to make sure that you can be part of the service.  For children aged 4 to 11 we have kidzzone where they can go and enjoy fun activities while the talk is given.

In addition, we have WiFi, our Friday night social for 14+, where there is food and fun from 7:30pm til 10pm. There's also refresh, our new youth group for 11-14yr olds where there's games, snacks, competitions and chats. Head over to the building on Sunday afternoons, 4:30-6:00pm.

mainly music is a pre-school toddlers group that meets on a Tuesday morning at 10am, where mums can meet for refreshments and young children can enjoy music based activities. We have a waiting list for mainly music you can find out more details here.