The Leadership Team

Neil Lee
Neil Lee

Neil has been with Christ Church since he first came to the Church in 1994.  Although he became a Christian at the age of 18 he had fallen away from Jesus and only came back to Christ after hearing the gospel at Christ Church.  He was then baptised and married his then fiancee Samantha Lee in 1995.
Neil has been in leadership in the Church since 1996 and stepped into the role of overall leadership in 2010 when Paul stepped down to concentrate on strategy and finance.
Neil does not draw a salary from the but works in the software industry to support himself and his family.
Neil enjoys running and playing the guitar (badly).
Neil lives in Lillington with his wife Samantha and their four children, Jessica, Isaac, Sarah, and Danielle.



Paul Downes
Strategy and Finance
Paul moved to Leamington in 1994 to plant Christ Church with Royston Young and two other families.  They met in a front room and grew the Church steadily over the ensuing years.  In 1999 Royston moved to Warwick to start King’s Church.
Paul now heads strategy and finance within the Church and looks to help in training and developing young leaders.
Paul lives in Lillington with his wife, Judith, and their three children, Charles, Laura and James.

Sam Lee
Samantha Lee

Samantha Lee came to Christ Church in 1994 with her then fiancee Neil Lee.  Samantha and Neil were baptised at the same time in the Gospel Hall which stood at the Site which is now Christ Church.
Since the beginning Samantha has served in administrative capacities in the Church without which we could not function.
Samantha’s role in the Church has grown since those early days and how she is responsible for a number of different areas including women’s ministry and children’s ministry.

Josie Bingham
Josie Bingham

Catering and Hospitality
Josie has been coming to Christ Church since it started in 1994.  Before that her experience of church was limited to christenings, weddings and funerals.  However a Christian friend told her about Jesus and a few months later Josie gave her life to Christ and was baptised.
Josie now heads up our catering and hospitality ministry which is vital for all outreach events.  When visitors come into the Church we want them to be blessed spiritually, practically, physically and emotionally.  This often involves providing a simple meal.  Without Josie we would not be able to demonstrate the love of Jesus in this way.
Josie is now retired having worked as a foot care clinician in the NHS based in Leamington Spa.  












John  Kelly                  &     Tracey Kelly
Building Maintenance
John has had a colourful past, having been to prison and thinking that Church was all a waste of time.  The first time he came to Christ Church he came to an outreach event completely drunk and sat and heckled the speaker.  But God had plans for his life and in 2005 he became gloriously born again.
One change that John made was to marry his long term girlfriend, Tracey, who he had been living with for several years.
Tracey became a Christian in 2008.
John and Tracey serve the Church in cleaning and looking after the building in Priory Terrace.
John and Tracey live in Lillington with their three children, Stacey, Leah and Lewis.